NYSED Guidance on NYS APPR Law and Regulations

NYSED Banner TopNYSED has issued Guidance on New York State’s Annual Professional Performance Review Law and Regulations.

Included in this guidance are guidelines for the locally selected assessment portion for evaluation:

  • Assessments from list of State-approved of third-party-developed, State, or Regents-equivalent assessments
  • District-, regional-, or BOCES-developed assessments whose rigor and comparability is verified by the district or BOCES;
  • School-wide, group, or team metrics using State assessments or a district, regional or BOCES-developed assessment;
  • Student achievement on State assessments, Regents examinations and/or Department approved alternative examinations (AP, IB, SAT II, etc.) or,
  • Structured district-wide goal setting process with any State- or other school- or teacher-created assessment agreed to by an evaluator and teacher.

Districts are required to use a NYSED approved rubric for teacher evaluation. The approved list of rubrics will be available July 2011. Districts may apply for a variance to use a rubric that is an adaptation of one of the approved rubrics, a rubric developed locally, or a provider not on the list of approved rubrics.

Read the full document here:

For additional information about how APPR will impact your district, please contact Dr. Valerie D’Aguanno, assistant director of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology.

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